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108 Minutes Activities

Did you know that in 108 minutes you can virtually visit the Louvre Museum? Or that you can fly a plane with a special flight simulator?

Check out how many different things can be done in 108 minutes and discover which ones may work for you.

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Ready, roll, action! There are many movies and TV series to watch in a lifetime. Here are the ones you can enjoy in exactly 108 minutes. Which are you going to start with?
In 1961 Jurij Alekseevič Gagarin took a 108-minute walk in the universe, watching 'First Orbit' you can do it too, at the same time as him!
A team of seven brothers with superhero powers, that's Umbrella Academy: enjoy the first two episodes in 108 minutes! What does Number 5 find in the future?
Fantasy genre, magic, drama and a dash of horror. In 108 minutes watch two episodes of 'Locke and key' and find out how many keys Bode, the younger brother, can retrieve: what are their names and what power do they have?
Have you always dreamed of being Marty McFly and getting into the Delorean? Let's review “Back To The Future” and stop right when Doc says “Great Scott!”.
Nostalgic about the 90s? Have a coffee at Central Perk with the guys, watching 4 episodes of the TV series “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”. Each one lasts 27 minutes!
This is for all fans of animated films! Watch Zootopia from beginning to end: will the bunny Judy be able to find Mr Emmitt, the husband of the otter Virna?
If for you the ‘90s should never end, listen to three episodes of “To the '90s and Beyond!” the podcast celebrating the cult films of the era
Do you know the famous quote: “So many books, so little time”? Here you can find lots of reasons to deny it and enjoy your favourite passions in 108 minutes every day.
Harry Potter fans? In 108 minutes relive a crucial moment: who does Harry meet face to face within Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban?
Mamma mia here we go again! Listen to the famous ABBA songs in the musical film “Mamma mia” to discover in 108 minutes who Sophie's real father is.
Are you feeling like a Queen today? You can dance through all the most famous Freddy Mercury songs in the famous film-documentary “Bohemian Rhapsody” until the big Live Aid Concert.
Billie Eilish is much more than a pop singer: style icon, activist, "enfant prodige". How about watching the entire last concert in Los Angeles online? Il lasts 108 minutes!
Do you want to learn something new but you think you don’t have time for it? Here are some amazing and curious activities to challenge yourself to within 108 minutes.
Dedicate yourself to memories: in 108 minutes you can create a ten-page album of your last holiday: postcards, photographs, receipts... everything counts!
It's time to improve your writing aesthetically: have you ever tried lettering? By following an online course in 108 minutes you will be able to create a beautiful greeting card for your best friend's birthday!
Fancy something sweet? In a few minutes prepare a chocolate puffed rice cake and let it sit in the fridge for an hour before tasting it!
Let's colour the monotony with Tyedie! In 108 minutes you can transform a T-shirt, sweatshirt or pair of socks by colouring them with this technique and wait for the colours to set before washing them!
You never stop learning: how about delving into the art and culture of our world? Or explore new places while staying comfortable on the sofa? Discover some fascinating activities that you can complete in only 108 minutes.
It's time to shake it up with a bit of adrenalin and some healthy competition! Discover these games to play online or with friends that will change everything in only 108 minutes!
In 108 minutes can you become a perfect detective and solve all the mysteries of the video game "The Darkside Detective"?
Do you know "League of Legends" right? Let’s try something new: complete the next challenge in less than 108 minutes, are you ready to fight?
Do you want to become the new Naruto Uzumaki? Let’s see how many enemies you can fight in 108 minutes in the free game “Naruto Online”.